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The String Academy is currently operating successfully online and in-person for individual lessons,

group lessons, playtogethers, and theory lessons. Families have the option to be taught in-person or online, and students are being taught from all over the UK,

Europe and the US. 

The 'Violin with Helen' String Academy is based in North Reading, Berkshire, UK, and provides adults and children age 4+ with a comprehensive and exceptional music education. Teaching is based around the Suzuki philosophy, and students are encouraged to reach their potential in a warm and nurturing environment.

Students of Violin with Helen have performed for a number of high profile events, including private performances for well-known celebrities and artists from the film, television and music industries, as well as festivals, competitions and charity performances. A number of students have also been members of the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain, regional youth orchestras, the Royal Academy of Music, and the Royal College of Music. They also hold a number of music scholarships, regularly place highly in regional and national competitions, and routinely achieve the highest results in their ABRSM, LCM and

Trinity music exams. 

News and Announcements

From Start to Smart Book Cover - EBOOK COVER.jpg

From Start to Smart: A Beginner's Guide to Sight-Reading (Violin Book 1) is now available in

eBook and Print.

Born out of frustration with the current material available,

the From Start to Smart approach systematically introduces notes and rhythms in 60 progressive stages, starting with open strings and simple rhythms. Each note is introduced one finger at a time, with plenty of opportunity to revisit previously learned material to keep skills fresh. The step-by-step approach allows students to build confidence quickly, making the learning process stress-free and enjoyable.

From Start to Smart Book 1 emphasises the ‘Initial’ finger pattern (high second finger), laying the groundwork for note recognition in first position. It also allows for an easy transition to more sophisticated finger patterns, key signatures, and rhythms in From Start to Smart Book 2 and beyond.

Book 2 will be released in 2024/5

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